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remix: op1tun1ty
ipaghost says:

TE Op-1


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First song on op-1=digital barf

ipaghost | 20130121
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it sounds like there is some sidechaining going on; or is that just sounds slamming against maximus?

protman | 20130121

Op-1 doesn't have native side-chaining that I know of, but there is a compressor that you can put at the end of the 4 track output. I guess if abused can sound like side chaining. There might be some tricks to accomplish some faux side chain effects by bouncing tracks around and stuff and manipulating them using an lfo controlled by a signal. but it would be way more time consuming than it's worth i would think. Or perhaps just the old school play with the volume knob to the beat.

ipaghost | 20130123

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