How I Chop and Transform IronChefOfMusic Ingredients

by protman | 20210726

I've been doing ICOM remixes for a long time, just ask ipaghost. Over the years, as well as recently, I've come up with some methods for editing and generating great samples out of the source ingredients. In the methods listed below, they can help you quickly get some usable and great sounding tones and beats so you drop them into your DAW or tracker and get sequencing while the other chefs are still scratching their heads through their chef hats.

Directly Record Any Sound Your Computer is Making

by protman | 20210720

I'll elaborate more later on. 

Here are a few tools that I use to directly record any/all sound coming from any app on my computer. This pertains mostly to PC, but I know these plugins and apps are also available for Apple Macintosh computer systems.

It can be a bit to wrap your head around, as it involves selecting the correct set of input and output devices in your DAW or audio app, as well as the main system devices.

What the PVOC?

by protman | 20210223

UPDATE: (to be updated with audio examples soon)

UPDATE: (I'm not sure if these are legal to use for IronChefOfMusic remixes, since they may be completely resynthesizing the source ingredients without actually using the ingredients in the resulting output.)


Using my vastly limited knowledge and half-assed-internet-research, here’s some information about PHASE VOCODERING (PVOC), and a list of my favorite VST plugins that use it.

Some of My Favorite Best FREE VST Plugins of Any Year but 2020: Round 2

by protman | 20210104

Round one listed some packs of free VST plugins with the added purpose of ease of availability and installation so you don't have to worry as much about missing plugins when loading old tracks into your DAW. Today's list includes a few individual oddball plugins that have a similar purpose, but aren't quite the RSTLNE of DSP.


Welcome back!

by protman | 20201229


Why are you looking at a bunch of food emojis? 

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