2023.11.02: ICOM is on hold until further notice. 
Personally, I need to focus on game development and some other projects, and I want my music making to be a less restrictive and more fun rather than thinking I always need to take care of ICOM before goofing around with other sounds and synths!

I think most ICOM chefs will be also be interested in:

You can also always pick any ingredients from the archive and upload a new remix!

Feel free to find me (protman) elsewhere in the meantime.

Thanks for ~250 ICOMS!


remix: Sealyfish


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i342k | 20130121

sry it phthzzzzththths out. eh

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vinpous | 20130121

Really dig the kind of hyper-filtered oboe sound.

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protman | 20130121

I'm pretty sure I see/hear ImpulseTracker

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mikrosopht | 20130121

it might be time for rap.



mother fucking trumpets.

very smooth. AKIRA cruise to this