Our old friend, neighbor and building manager, Charlie, passed away this week. He was a friend and neighbor to long-time ICOM chefs for over a decade. I also lived in the same building for several years where my living room window would open near the garage where Charlie and his friends would hang out and laugh endlessly. One day, I took the opportunity to record their laughter. I don't have the original recording, only the edited version that removes some of this silence, but I can't say there was much silence in the original. At one point, a couple of us took over the storefront in the same building, remodeled it a bit, and called it the BASSCAVE where some loud parties took place with 2x 18" EV powered subwoofers. Charlie's involvement in one of those parties pertains to the door in the photo that seemed to easily come off the hinges, but everyone apologized to each other the next day, and he was always a good friend who cared about his neighbors and wanted to make us laugh, too.

Ingredients: Charlie | 2 remixes