2023.11.02: ICOM is on hold until further notice. 
Personally, I need to focus on game development and some other projects, and I want my music making to be a less restrictive and more fun rather than thinking I always need to take care of ICOM before goofing around with other sounds and synths!

I think most ICOM chefs will be also be interested in:

You can also always pick any ingredients from the archive and upload a new remix!

Feel free to find me (protman) elsewhere in the meantime.

Thanks for ~250 ICOMS!


HERO (Heathkit Educational RObot) is a series of several educational robots sold by Heathkit during the 1980s. The Heath Company began the HERO 1 project in October 1979, with the first release in 1982. Models include the HERO 1, HERO Jr., and HERO 2000. Heathkit supported the HERO robot line until 1995. All three were produced as kits, or for more money, prebuilt by Heathkit. The 1980s models are considered collectors items, due to their rarity. For the most part, they cannot perform practical tasks, but are more geared toward entertainment and education above all.

Ingredients: HERO-1 | 2 remixes