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Clang Clang Clang

68k says:

Man, I can barely get a thing started in 2 hrs. Ended up with something OK-ish but it needs development and I hate that lead at the end. No time for revision though...

I finished within the deadline but have spent the past while poking at my internet connection. I had to use a pretty low bitrate to get the upload to work. If for some reason you want a higher quality file, you can get one at


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Nice work. I like the lead at the end - it's a nice contrast. It's thin and clean and sparkly, and lays nice over the thick drums.

I downloaded the HQ version - I think the link is is pointing to a different track called 100mb Dub (nice track there, too! Looks like there's Dub everywhere today :)).

Spagozio | 20130203
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Good composition, feels like a full track. Good work.

cx | 20130203
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Wicked programming and sound design

auxein | 20130203

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